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A temperatura ambiente

art exhibition

11 - 20 December | 2018 | Alliance Française Cali 

“A Temperatura Ambiente” is an art exhibition that offers a dialogue between different creations of Colombian artists, who present nature in different facets: contemplation, admiration, nostalgia, or distance.


This project was developed by Colombian visual artist Natalia Correa, in collaboration with artists Marcela McCormick, Camilo Paredes, Lorena Tenorio, Julio Giraldo, and William Narváez, who Intend to reflect on the natural ecosystem and the human-nature relationship.


"A Temperatura Ambiente", is part of a series of events that Jaguar Arte organizes between Latin America and France.


It is an exhibition that invites us to reflect on the displacement of nature from its natural condition, the catastrophic phenomena resulting from accelerated development, or the deterioration causing the disappearance of natural species. The exhibition covers the endemic flora of the Valle del Cauca region, the species that inhabit or use to inhabit the natural landscape, silent witnesses of exile due to intensive agriculture.

This exhibition invites the visitor to recognize himself as a natural being in front of nature that manifests itself before us in the exhibition hall of the Alliance Française in Cali, Colombia.


It has the support of the “Rios y Ciudades” Foundation, under the concept of strengthening cultural exchanges between Latin American and European countries, in order to stimulate reflection on the protection and conservation of the "environment".



Marcela McCormick

Julio Giraldo

Camilo Paredes

Lorena Tenorio

William Narvaéz



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