Artist life during Coronavirus: A return into Nature

The Coronavirus has changed the way artists in the world are working and living their daily lives. For example, the artist William Schaeuble has returned to his countryside house away from his normal residency at Chicago. William has been taking advantage of being on the land where he grew up on and has been working on a project using the pure imagery of home, land and nature. He shared with Jaguar Arte some of his latest work. See below.

"I've been back at my parents house for around two months now, in a small town in central Iowa. The land around us has not been very developed, I feel really lucky to have a home covered in nature. The past two years I had been living and working in Chicago, once the virus got bad I left to be somewhere safer. The shift between the two places has been interesting and the impact on my work is very apparent.

My work over the past year or two made in Chicago is all referencing the American Midwest landscape, where I grew up, but referencing it from a distance. I was not in the land I was painting, at that point everything I was depicting was all memories of my childhood. But while I was making that work in Chicago I wasn't consciously thinking about those influences, it was only once I came back and had been here for a while that I started to notice the imagery of the land that had snuck into my work. My work in Chicago was filled with themes and imagery of the vast, flat land of the Iowa countryside combined with the busy city".

"Since being back and being here for awhile the imagery is no longer from memory, it is all right in front of me. My house is surrounded by farmland and farm houses, creeks and forests, ponds, geese, eagles, deer and coyotes, not to mention my two dogs who have influenced my work a ton. Just two months ago I was surrounded by tall buildings and millions of people all with a place to be, all so busy. There is nothing but calm here. My work always mirrors the rhythm of the place surrounding me".

"My work over the past two months has been focused on my surrounding and the completeness and sense of balance it brings me, a drastic change from being in the city. Everyday I go outside and am able to go fishing on our pond, I've been experimenting with wood working, I've been riding my bike and just been enjoying the land, all the things I am doing now have changed the work that is being produced. And it's the same anywhere I am, in Chicago I was constantly walking around crowds of people, I'd walk by and hear the street performers and I'd go to different parks in the city. I was still outside but it was so dramatically different with a very different feeling with different imagery and my work was impacted by those feelings and images".

I'm using this time to produce a large amount of drawings that act as a documentation of where I am. That's really all art is, documentation of where the artist is, where they are physically and where they are in their head. Environment is everything. 


William Schaeuble is an American artist born in Iowa and based in Chicago. Graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, he has participated in many exhibitions at the Siragusa gallery and Chichago's Art Bash.