Art Immersion at LABVERDE

The Amazon rainforest is a cosmic lab for the invention of shapes of life and matter, a complex ecosystem that holds a collection of memories of life experience on Earth. But this great biodiversity is reaching its tipping point.

The life extinction of the forest is affected by local and international dynamics. The political conjuncture in Brazil is weakening environmental and social protections and scaling back the effort to combat illegal logging, ranching and mining. At the same time, the climate crisis is transforming the biophysical aspects of the Forest, killing hundreds of species every year.​

So with this in mind, how can culture help us to develop new strategies for the expansion of environmental justice in the Amazon?

LABVERDE is an Art Immersion Program in the Amazon which provides a multidisciplinary platform for the development of critical thinking surrounding nature and ecology. Artists, scientists, and other experts and educators come together in an attempt to create new ways of interacting with our natural environment and plan a better future.

The program is 10 days long and involves an intense journey of expeditions, talks, and artistic interventions. Its main focus is to promote artistic creation through a debate about environmental issues generated by theory, data, and life experiences in the Amazon rainforest. It combines art, nature, and science to foster a critical perspective on issues like landscape interpretation, nature representation, and the role of art in engaging social-ecological behavior. ​

The journey takes place in the rainforest near the city of Manaus and explores ecological reserves and forest zones impacted by the Anthropocene, both on walking trails and by boat.

Being immersed and exchanging energy with nonhuman life can be an important part of the artistic process. LABVERDE sees this experience in itself as the main part of artistic production, and any resulting works, publications and exhibitions as surplus. ​

LABVERDE’s hope is that the network and training process will serve as the basis for artistic research carried out after the program. Although it does not lead directly to a physical production or exhibition, there are project presentations and group discussions in which artists contextualise their work and findings. The program is targeted toward adventurous individuals and nature activists: visual artists, musicians, writers, dancers and other creatives.

Because of global instability due to covid, LABVERDE's in-person program is on hold. When the pandemic situation improves in Brazil, a specific reopening date will be determined. Stemming from a common belief in the human and non-human diversity of the Amazon.LABVERDE is running LAB VERDE FESTIVAL, an online event involving talks and discussions about art, science, the future of sustainability, and communities.

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