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Lima IN-QUIETA exhibition at IESA

Updated: May 31, 2020

Within the framework of a collaboration between IESA arts & culture and the Peruvian Embassy in France, the city of Lima is exhibited under the eyes of 4 Peruvian artists.

Lima is a city in constant change that preserves a strong tradition and traces of its colonial past while moving towards a future in which technological, urban and business advances take the lead.

The artist Teresa Bracamonte intends through her series "La eternidad es un instante" (Eternity is an instant) to capture a second of this city in its constant movement. The present moment captured and immortalized will remain as a testimony of the life of the city at any given time. Her photographic works are contrasted with the presence of nature and human constructions, with the evasion of the sea in opposition to the heavy concrete buildings.

Evelyn Merino-Reyna's photographs are intended to show aerial views of Lima, thus creating compositions that sometimes come close to abstraction. This approach allows us to observe the city as a whole with colorful and symmetrical compositions where the contrasts between nature and artifice operate.

Marina García-Burgos prints photos of Lima's architecture on the covers of her books to create what she calls "photo-sculptures". The photographs of these buildings represent spaces condemned to disappear or to be in disuse, just like the books she used as a creative medium.

Lizi Sánchez exhibits three rubber sculptures inspired by Magda Portal's poem "Liberación"(Liberation) through which she questions feminism, acceptance, and freedom.

Thus a link is woven between discourse and image, word and form, between literature and sculpture. The eclectic exhibition shows us through sensitive glances the reality of this city where architecture is present, although it is to appeal to the memory of the city and its current changes.

Emilie Benard

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