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Saner's exhibition at the Itinerancy gallery in Paris

Updated: May 31, 2020

Curanderos del alma, individual exhibition of the Mexican artist "Saner" at the GALERIE ITINERRANCE in Paris, from September 21 to October 27, 2018.

Edgar "Saner" Flores, Mexican artist with multiple faces: street artist, designer, graphic designer, painter, and art director.

The multifaceted artist has distinguished himself on the international scene for the originality of his work, which is permeated by Mexican culture. His exhibitions are multiplying: New York, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, or even in India, where his next intervention will take place.

The artist is inspired by pop culture: comics, advertising, and Mexican folklore. His works are digestion of the history of art, taking up elements of Mexican muralism, the simplicity of naive art, the dreamlike universes of surrealism, and the expressive intensity of expressionism.

Edgar Saner's figurative paintings immerse us in a spiritual universe that oscillates between sweetness, sleep, and humor.

Children in the company of hybrid and mysterious animals, couples adorned with Mexican-style masks, a lush flora in bright colors gather in solar compositions that refer to Aztec imagery.

The central wall of the exhibition shows an installation composed of a red heart, the freshly picked leaves and flowers are integrated into the ventricle and spread on the floor. This floral architecture reminds us of the private altars dedicated to the dead, covered with offerings of objects and flowers in Mexican culture.

This installation, formed by a horde of magical birds carrying keys, is impossible to grasp at a glance, the details are omnipresent and open the doors to another world. These birds seem to have the ancestral wisdom of the "curanderos", which they carry like the messengers of the gods.

This work is marked by the presence of a rich floral universe, which represents the cycle of life, present in nature with the chain of seasons. This green universe is accompanied by colorful birds that bring life and joy, through their heavenly songs and their bright colors. The heart, in connection with the spirit, is formed by these winged messengers who seek to reconcile man with nature.

Emilie Benard Jurado

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