Interdisciplinary practice at the Centro Rural de Arte, Argentina

The Centro Rural de Arte is a remote art centre which creates interdisciplinary operative platforms; the goal is to foster a space where people with various types of knowledge interact with each other. This is achieved through residencies, workshops, talks, art creation, and research. Some of the activities there are nomadic, and the centre has alliances with other centres which co-host these nomadic experiences.

The CRA generates displacements between people, knowledge and actions. Projects are designed to help residents and visitors dive into creating possible articulations between very different issues and themes, even if the combination doesn’t make sense initially. Watching contrasting expertise come together is a very exciting process with the potential to cross national, continental, and cultural borders, generate new practices, and celebrate the relationships between different fields of knowledge.

Since its foundation, the CRA has developed projects in collaboration with institutions both public and private, national and international, and has been invited to participate in meetings around Argentina and abroad on cultural management and development.

The CRA has also set up projects with the nearby village of Cazón and has built an additional space there. Cazón is in the province of Buenos Aires, 12 km from Saladillo, where routes 205, 51 and 63 converge. It is home to around three hundred inhabitants, thousands of trees, a primary school, an agrotechnical secondary school, a municipal plant nursery, and around ten private plant nurseries.

One of the most important values of the CRA is its trust in rural areas, and one of the centre’s aims is to explore how different aspects of nature relate and communicate in these environments.

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(All photos courtesy of the Centro Rural de Arte)