Meet our new artists

Jaguar Arte is delighted to announce that it has started new collaborations with artists from all over the world - London, Florence, France, Netherlands, Mexico, Istanbul, Colombia and more. We’re excited about the artworks in our new collection, and we want to introduce you to the minds behind them:

Serap Gecu

Serap is a visual artist and author from Istanbul. Her line drawings, often portraits expressing a variety of attitudes and expressions, have been exhibited at STEP Istanbul and she was selected for the “The Misfits”, an exhibition by the curator Ysabel Pinyol Blasi. Her nature-focused photography was exhibited in No Exclusive Quarters For Families (Mtaär Open Art Space, 2010), Wallpeople Project (Milk Gallery, 2011), İkametgah Kadikoy (Hush Gallery, 2012) and many more.

As well as her visual art endeavours, Gecu translated H.P. Lovecraft's book, The Case of Charles Dexter Ward into Turkish. Her articles and interviews appeared in Vogue Turkey, Port, QP Women, QP, Masterpiece, and Crystal magazines. She worked as the publishing director of XOXO The Mag, Some Men, Petals, and Feed magazines.

The door in between - Serap Gecu


2017. Analogue photography. 58x36

Limited Edition, Edition of: 10, Signed

Ships from Istanbul, Turkey


Ana Maria Velasco

Born in Bogotá, Ana lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Growing up, she moved between Nicaragua (her mother’s homeland) while it was undergoing the throes of dictatorship and revolution; Colombia while it was ravaged by narco-terrorism, and Cambridge, MA where she was exposed to a diverse community. These inspiring and turbulent environments heightened Ana Maria’s sense of awareness and social conscience and solidified her motivation to use art as a way to spark reflection and conversation.

Ana attended El Instituto Departamental de Bellas Artes and the Universidad Javeriana in Cali, Colombia. She earned an MFA from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts Boston and Tufts University in Massachusetts. Her exhibitions include solo shows Interdependencia at The Colombian Consulate, NY (2017) and Ficciones Retinianas at The Museum of Modern Art La Tertulia, Cali, Colombia (2001).

Her works are held in various private collections, as well as the public collections of Harvard University, The Museum of Modern Art La Tertulia in Colombia, Bank of America, Boston and The Colombian Consulate in New York- and now, we’re so excited to have her works available in our online art gallery!

LSNSM - Ana Maria Velasco


2018. Acrylic on canvas.

40 x 31cm.

Ships from NYC


Ben Stephenson

Ben Stephenson is a multidisciplinary artist born in London who studied at Central Saint Martins and The Royal Drawing School. His practice incorporates sculpture, printmaking and painting and addresses themes of exoticism, animism and the imagined Other, all in an attempt to confront colonial and postcolonial mindsets exacerbated by the naivety of a eurocentric perspective. That’s why he is now living in Mexico where he is engaging with native mythology and archetypes, as well as techniques used in traditional handicrafts like eco-printing and natural pigment extraction from local vegetation. His solo exhibitions include Spaghetti Western and Other Short Stories (2015), and Sometimes, The Only Way Up Is Down (2016), both in the UK. More recently, he has participated in group exhibitions in Queretaro, Mexico, such Genesis in the Retort (2021) and Nada (2020).

Double Bluff I - Ben Stephenson


2021. Oil on Canvas

120 x 170 x 4cm. 9kg

Ships from Mexico


Juliette Lamarca

Born in Isère and a graduate of the La Martinière Terreaux school in Lyon, Juliette Lamarca has been painting professionally since 2007. Her hyperreal paintings of nature have featured at the Festival du Touquet and garnered widespread attention. She loves nature and the written word almost as much as painting and colour, and her exhibitions are designed with specific places or time periods in mind. She is fascinated by the contrast which comes from collaborating with artists from completely different backgrounds to her own.

Flux - Juliette Lamarca


2020. Acrylic painting on canvas

73 x 100 x 2 cm. 0,5 kg

Ships from Clamart, France


Federica Glauso

Federica Glauso is a visual artist whose practice investigates the boundaries and discrepancies between science and philosophy. She is fascinated by moments of transition and vagueness, and uses drawing to depict natural processes. Her work often incorporates concepts of body image and self-perception. In 2019 she took part in Studiovisit, a group show providing a platform for the emerging art scene in Italy.

I cinque movimenti #2 - Federica Glauso


2020. Oil on panel

25x20 cm x0,8mm. 280 gr

Ships from Florence, Italy


Susana Mulas Lastra

Mulas-Lastra’s visual art is inspired by the vulnerability of natural life, especially the nature we cannot see at first glance. She investigates the ways in which we look at our planet and relate to the nature that surrounds us, believing that humans have to rethink and re-establish our relationship with the earth. Using paper as if it were a microscope, Mulas-Lastra translates her observations and reflections into detailed pastel drawings in vivid colours. Her recent exhibitions include her solo show Walking the (in)visible (2021) in Amsterdam and the group exhibition Art From Heart (2021) in the UK.

Untitled - Susana Mulas Lastra


2021. Pastel, Siberian chalk on paper


Ships from The Netherlands


Julian Dupont

Dupont was born in Colombia. His practice questions the politics of presentation and confronts Western dialectics through performance and sculpture. With a scholarship from the ArTeC school of Investigation from Paris, he is developing a project titled ‘The Schizo-Chamanic Alliances’ in the Intercultural Autonomous Indigenous University from the Regional Council of Cauca in Popayán, Colombia, which links Ancestral tradition with sculptural practice. He is a graduate of Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought from The European Graduate School, where he researched the dialogue between Shamanism and Automation. His Solo Exhibitions include ‘UUS YAHTX’ in Popayán with the collaboration of the Indigenous Guard of Cauca in 2018 and MAPARADOXTERRA at the Cinema of the Museum La Tertulia in Cali (2013). He has participated in collective exhibitions such as 'The long minute' Curated by Bronwyn Lace in 'The center for the less good idea' in South Africa (2020), ARTECÁMARA en ARTBO curated by Helena Producciones in Bogotá (2019), and Húesped in Lugar a dudas in Cali (2016).




70 CMS X 1 MT. 1 K

Limited Edition, Edition of: 3, Signed

Ships from France


Taylor Smith

In a world where the individual prevails over the common and the human over nature, Smith looks for lost connections. Her artwork seeks to understand and reveal the problems which exist in our automated, segmented, and disconnected world.

Her creative process comes from the desire to be part of a cycle, placing the human within a natural whole, connecting it to water, air, earth, and light. As well as functioning as links in a chain of collaborations and exchanges, Smith’s works are stages in themselves; ever-evolving, the cycle of elements tells us that everything is regenerating, with or without us, in spite of everything. Her recent exhibitions around France include INTERVENTION/INTERSECTION (2021), Vegetal (2020), and The Shattered Greenhouse (2019).

Spontaneous Encounters with the Ephemeral and the Senescent - Taylor Smith


Acts 1-3: Sycamore, Scottsville, New York, 2021.

Black and white photograph hand-printed on baryta paper

Prints at 30 x 40cm. 0.5 kg

Ships from Paris, France


Works by all of our wonderful new artists are available on the artworks section of our website.