Afonso Tostes

Updated: May 27, 2020

Afonso Tostes is a Brazilian artist who uses materials he recovers during his walks around the city. A former student of Charles Watson, Daniel Senise, and Carlos Zílio during his training at the Parque Lage art school in Rio de Janeiro, Tostes' work explores the object and the metamorphoses it undergoes to become a work of art in its own right. Although he is still mainly known as a sculptor, his artistic practice extends to other disciplines such as drawing, painting, and installation. Nominated for the Pipa Prize in 2012, an award that aims to highlight contemporary Brazilian creation, Tostes is chosen for his work with wood, a precious material from the Amazon rainforest.

At the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Afonso Tostes exhibits his work Trabalho, a commission made in 2019 by the institution. Made of wood, the installation explores the relationship between man and nature, highlighting how the latter is transformed by man into a technological tool. The tree in its primary form is the subject, reflecting a reality in which man exploits nature.

Exposition à la Fondation Cartier: Nous les arbres.