New exhibition at the Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art: "Trees"

Updated: May 27, 2020

On 4 July 2019, the British newspaper The Guardian published an article describing the plantation trees are one of the most viable measures to reduce CO2 emissions from planet. If it is an action that cannot combat the climate crisis on its own, it has the merit of being cheap and easy to implement. The power of trees, catalysts

Organic, and ecosystem regulators, has always been without question. However, urban planners, scientists, philosophers, and artists are increasingly looking to this silent organism to better understand how it works and thus gives it its rightful place.

From 12 July to 10 of November 2019, la Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain is hosting Nous les arbres, an interdisciplinary exhibition that highlights the importance of these beings and their fundamental role in terrestrial ecosystems. Jaguar Arte has decided to make a portrait of some of the actors in the exhibition, thus giving an account of the revolution that art is currently experiencing. This is a change of paradigm in which art is committed to the ecological cause and aims to serve it in order to combat the ecological crisis. The division of disciplines is no longer prescriptive; on the contrary art, and science works together to devise solutions and raise public awareness.


Afonso Tostes

Paz Encina

Jorge Carema

Thijs Biersteker

Salim Karami

Johanna Calle

Claudia Andujar

Luiz Zerbini

Francis Hallé

Raymond Depardon

Charles Gaines

Giuseppe Penone

Alex Cerveny


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