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Francis Hallé

Updated: May 16, 2020

Francis Hallé is a French biologist and botanist interested in the understanding of what he calls “trees intelligence”. According to the scientist, unlike human beings, trees and plants are decentralized organisms with no brains and no vital organs which makes them more resilient. Every species possesses a unique communicating system helping them to grow and to develop in unimaginable ways. His comprehension of trees and the vegetal kingdom is based on observation rather than comparing them to animals or human beings. He specializes in tropical forests and is a fierce advocate for the conservation of forests and their biodiversity.

From the very beginning, Hallé he preferred drawing over photography to study trees, for the former enables him to spend time with the plants and to observe them thoroughly. His drawings, colourful witnesses of his trips, are little windows to an inexhaustible source of knowledge aiming at unraveling the mysteries behind this fascinating creatures.

Exposition à la Fondation Cartier: Nous les arbres.

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