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Paz Encina

Updated: May 27, 2020

Born in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, Director Paz Encina explores our relationship with memory and identity. She studied filmmaking at the Film school of Buenos Aires and has since won awards such as the FIPRESCI in Cannes in 2006 and the Luis Buñuel Award for Best Film in 2006 for her feature film La Hamaca Paraguaya. Her creations are reflections on the history of his country, the past with the film Ejercicios de Memoria (2016) which documents the disappearances of the opposition during the totalitarian regime of Alfredo Stroessner, and the present with feature films such as La hamaca Paraguaya or Memorias de Eami, a documentary on the deforestation of the "El Chaco" territory and the forced displacement of its inhabitants. In recent years, she has resorted to sound installations to touch the public conscience in a different way.

Aromas que trae el viento (2019) is a short film made from archive footage and images recently filmed in the Gran Chaco jungle in Super 8. The tree is presented as a "place of refuge between heaven and earth", a demiurge between the beyond and the world that shelters and feeds us.

Exposition à la Fondation Cartier: Nous les arbres.

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