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Art residency "Satélite" in Ecuador

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Life is too often made up of oppositions between theory and practice, of having to decide between the advantages of country life and the disadvantages of city life.

Résidence Satélite au Pujilí

Satélite, an Ecuadorian itinerant artistic residence, took the opposite view of this dictum and decided that it was possible to combine a research center in Quito, in the city, and an artistic residence, in the middle of nature, in the canton of Pujilí, a privileged geographical space; the Cotopaxi volcano and the Quilotoa lagoon are visible from the installations dedicated to the artists.

Convinced of this approach, the Jaguar Arte team decided to dedicate the sixth stage of its Jaguar Route to this artistic initiative, committing itself to the creation and enhancement of both natural and urban spaces.

Résidence Satélite au Pujilí

Only 100 km away from Quito, the telluric forces, the same ones that nourish and feed, very often, the process of artistic creation, impose themselves, dictate their laws and the human being can only comply with them. Meanwhile, in Arte Flacso's silent, urban installations, Satélite's curator, María León, ensures that the works produced in Pujilí are exhibited and benefit from the international reputation enjoyed by Arte Flacso, as the Ecuadorian branch of the project. FLACSO (Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales - Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences) and a reference point in the organization of exhibitions and training in contemporary Latin American and regional arts.

"La muerte". Exposition collective. 2015. Arte actual FLACSO

However, and this is indeed the genius of the project developed by Satellite and its partners, never the art gallery, an urban product if ever there was one, and nature, here exposed in all its volcanic and wild splendor, does not appear as antagonistic places of formation, but as the two inseparable members of a successful artistic proposal.

With the development of this project, Satélite, in collaboration with Arte Actual, opens the way to exhibit in Quito, an urban and overpopulated megalopolis, the works produced in direct contact with nature and the Andean biodiversity, allowing these two worlds to meet. and demonstrate that all Ecuadorians, even the ultra-urban and connected inhabitants of the city of Quito, are interested in being part of an integral and complementary approach to the protection and defense of a shared ecosystem that allows the survival of all, regardless of where they live.

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Antoine Troccaz

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