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TEOR/ética in Costa Rica

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Along our Jaguar route, the Jaguar Arte team invites you to Costa Rica, on the premises of THEOR/ethics, an independent space of reflection, destined to raise doubts and artistic questioning and thus allow the development of thought proper to Central America of the Caribbean, created in 1999 by the visual artist Virginia Pérez Ratton whose exhibition of works in Europe and Asia, throughout the 80s and 90s, established her international reputation.

Since the first artistic events, in 1999, until today, TEOR/ética has continued to develop the necessary tools for its affirmation as one of the most dynamic cultural projects in Latin America, with an internationally recognized role in the promotion of the arts in Central America and the development of a specific system of critical thinking.

TEOR / ética is a platform for research and dissemination of contemporary artistic practices, typical of Central America and the Caribbean, through the development of an editorial project, a library accessible to the public, and a research fund, mainly constituted by the Virginia Pérez Ratton Collection.

Lado V - Centre d'études et de recherches

How should the Central American artist conceive the creative process in order to anchor himself in his geographical and socio-cultural environment and assert himself as the main bio-conscience?

This concern is particularly evident in numerous exhibitions organized in TEOR/ethics, for example in "La Tierra de en Medio", "Emergencia-Contextos Volcánicos" and "Novo Museo Tropical", the elements are mentioned as a protective force or as a symbol of the socio-cultural, political and environmental emergence that Central America is experiencing.

Banner d'exposition Novo Museo Tropical

Exposition Novo Museo Tropical

After twenty years of existence and a worldwide recognized experience, TEOR/ethics invites the creation committed with the vanguard of the technological and sociological changes, the true moral conscience, and the contribution to the long search of the Latin American identity.

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Antoine Troccaz

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