Bochica, Gabriel Sierra

Bochica, Gabriel Sierra


Oil and ink painting on gold leaf canvas.



  • He is interested in the contribution of art to the constitution of the Colombian national identity, the country from which he comes. From this double formation arise the questions that are at the heart of his plastic work. Through painting, drawing, and sculpture, his work is presented as symbolic restitution of the privileged place occupied by Native American civilizations and of the wealth that this heritage represents for their cultural heritage. It is a question of changing the way of seeing the tradition of knowledge in the American territory, of understanding that there are different knowledge and know-how and that it is transmitted by means far removed from Western conceptions.

    A true aesthetic mixture, it associates naturalistic figuration with pre-Colombian painting techniques in search of a clean language that encompasses the richness of both worlds, not as a duality but as a dialogue.


    2020 - “es-cultura” Individual exhibition at Jonesy Agency, 170 rue de Charonne 75011 Paris. From February 11 to March 5 (coming soon).


    2019 - “The forms of nature” Collective exhibition, Galerie Bridaine, Paris. From September 19 to 25.


    2019 - Individual exhibition at Club MAA, Montreal. From January 1 to 31.


    2018 - “Appropriations” Individual exhibition at La Brique Rouge, Toulouse. From November 7 to 25.


    2017 - “Refuse violence”

    A collective exhibition by Amnesty International at the Vauban Dam in Strasbourg.

    From September 16 to 30.


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