Doble piel, Ana María Lozano

Doble piel, Ana María Lozano


Plaster and plants

85 x 50 x 25 cm


Small trunk with 3 hands and plants

  • After numerous stays with the Koguis, to whom she has devoted some years of research, Ana María Lozano Rivera has just started a doctorate in creative anthropology at the EHESS, under the supervision of Klaus Hamberger, who is in charge of the sensitive maps of these nomadic people living in the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta in northern Colombia.

    Her works are inspired by the rituals of pagan and the way the Koguis inhabit a living territory. Thus, they are derived from each other; “La carne es tierra fertil” ( Flesh is Fertile Ground, 2016) and “Doble piel” (Double skin, 2015) evoke the idea of ​​transmission of an ancestral heritage among the Kogis which, like many other Amerindian peoples, can be summarized in a sacred stone passed on from generation to generation.

    Thus, the transmission of knowledge is not limited to the legacy of the ancestors (parents or grandparents) but opens up to a broader conception, of a cosmic dimension, linked to a tiny symbolic object. In their cosmogony, the pumpkin plant (from which the gourds are extracted from the poporos used for mambeo, that is, the ceremonial ingestion of the coca leaf) is the original principle of the people; it represents a strain from which each individual is born. This sacred plant evokes the way in which the koguis are linked to each other through these interlacing and are rooted in the earth through the plant's nodes. Therefore, each Kogui is born from the same plant.

    The glass containers of “La carne es tierra fertil” (The flesh is fertile earth) recall this cosmogonic conception of fertility, the pumpkin being the metaphor of the womb of the world in which the roots of the earth are woven.

    Carolina Ariza




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    Lo Sano, Attaches, an exhibition of the young Colombian scene in France, as part of the France-Colombia year, Paris, France


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    Estudio corpus lumen, Personal Exhibition, Tres Patios Gallery, Medellín, Colombia

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