Labirinto, Romain Dumesnil

Labirinto, Romain Dumesnil



33 cm x 24 cm

raw clay on canvas mounted on a frame

unique work.

Ships from Paris, France


The series "Labyrinth" explores the relationships between the mythological and physical figure of the labyrinth and the algorithmic data. Random compositions are created (from natural atmospheric interference) using an algorithm that hybridizes the computer and nature, which are then reproduced manually by the artist from raw clay, which dries and cracks freely, creating its own unpredictable lines. within the shapes constrained by the initial drawing.

  •  “I imagine an ambitious quest that, far from being content with finding objects, would strive to bring together the most remarkable manifestations of the elemental, anonymous and irresponsible forces that, entangled, makeup nature. The artist and researcher Romain Dumesnil seems to have adopted this phrase from Roger Caillois (Roger Caillois, Pierres, 1966). Living and working between France and Brazil, where he founded the residence and exhibition space Atoms in 2015, he is inspired by both natural phenomena and scientific research, anthropological tools, and shamanic beliefs. to question our relationship with the world and the environment.


    By bringing together in his most primary sculptures and installations elements (raw clay, minerals, pine sap, stones, braided straw, light) sometimes mixed with technological devices, the artist brings out the intrinsic plastic potential of the material. He lets the different elements act on their own, revealing this kind of "natural talent" as in his Labyrinth series (2016-2017) where he redraws with raw clay labyrinthine patterns generated by an algorithm. As it dries, the clay creates random strokes within the course constrained by the initial computer-generated drawing.


    By Martina Sabbadini



    group shows
    'MA', curated by Luisa Duarte, Galeria Luciana Caravello, RJ
    'Les secrets du Docteur F.', curated by Théo-Maria Coppola, Under-construction Gallery, Paris (FR)
    'Vivemos na melhor cidade da América do Sul', curated by Bernardo de Souza e Victor Gorgulho, Iberê Camargo Foundation, Porto Alegre (PA)
    'Natural Fictions', Cafuné, Berlin, Germany
    'Abre Alas 13', Galeria A Gentil Carioca, RJ
    'O importante, minha filha, é nunca tirar a mão do barro',curated by Maria Montero, Galeria Carbono, SP
    'Displacement', curated by Gabriela Davies, Jacaranda Villa Aymoré, RJ
    'Displacement', curated by Gabriela Davies, Ugly Duck, London (UK)
    66° Salão Paranaense, MAC Curitiba, PR

    solo shows
    'O animal que logo sou', curated by Michelle Sommer, Projeto Zip'Up, Galeria Zipper, SP

    group shows
    'Macumba Night Club editions', Primo Piano, Paris
    'Primavera nos dentes', curated by Bernardo Mosqueira and Ulisses Carrilho, Galeria Lume, São Paulo
    ArtRio, Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Rio de Janeiro
    'Run, Run, Run', Centre d'Art Contemporain Villa Arson, Nice
    '35° Salão Arte Para', curated by Paulo Herkenhoff e Marcelo Campos, Fundação Romulo Maiorana, Bélem, PA
    '41° Salão de Arte de Ribeirão Preto', Museu de Arte de Riberião Preto, SP
    'Caso o acaso', Galeria Central, São Paulo
    'Cultivar o deserto como um pomar as avessas', curated by Vilmar and Bianca Madruga, Centro de Artes UFF, Niteroi
    'Unanime noite', curated by Bernardo de Souza, Galeria Bolsa de Arte, São Paulo
    'ADIV', projeção de videoarte, curated by Marcos Bonisson, Ateliê da Imagem Espaço Cultural, Rio de Janeiro

    solo shows:
    'Strange fishes', EMCB, Rio de Janeiro

    group shows
    'Vagalumes', curated by Michelle Sommer and Daniel Steegman, Flamengo park, Rio de Janeiro
    ‘Morro’, curated by Ulisses Carrilho, A Mesa, Rio de Janeiro
    ‘Quarta-feira de cinzas’ (‘Ash wednesday’), curated by Luisa Duarte, Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro
    ‘O tempo da duração’ (‘Le temps de la durée’), Lapa-Soho, Rio de Janeiro
    ‘In-habito’, Kolor, Rio de Janeiro
    ‘Identity/Memory’, curated by Gabriela Davies, Frameless Gallery, London
    ‘Fumées’, Hotel Paris, Rio de Janeiro

    solo shows
    ‘N’oubliez pas d’éteindre la lumière avant de partir’, curated by Cristina Burlamaqui, Espaço Movimento Contemporaneo Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro

    group shows
    ‘Arte-Design’, curated by Gabriela Maciel, Espaço Movimento Contemporaneo Brasileiro, Rio de Janeiro
    ‘Fabrica Bhering’, off ArtRio, Rio de Janeiro
    ‘Souvenirs des tropiques’, Caixa Preta, Rio de Janeiro

    solo shows
    ‘Rien ici.’, curated by Pedro Vasconcellos, ZBRA, Rio de Janeiro

    Curatorial projects:

    'Atomos', co-founder, independent art-space in Rio de Janeiro


    march-june 2018, PIVO, São Paulo, Brazil
    july-august 2017, Cafuné, Berlin, Germany
    february-june 2017, FAAP Artistic Residency, São Paulo, Brazil
    june-july 2016, Résidence L'échangeur, France

    Publications and press: 

    'MA', exhibition catalog, 2018
    'Abre Alas 13', exhibition catalog, 2017
    'Cultivar o deserto como um pomar às avessas ', exhibition catalog, 2016, UFF
    'Identity/Memory', exhibition catalog, 2015
    The Good Life, magazine, 2016, France
    Casa Vogue, magazine, 2016, Brazil
    ArtForum, online magazine, 2017, International
    Das Artes, magazine, Brazil
    Globo, Segundo Caderno, journal, Brazil

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