Maison rouge 3, Jacinthe Cappello

Maison rouge 3, Jacinthe Cappello


50 x 65 cm

Felt pen on canson paper

  • Jacinthe Cappello (b.1984) is a French-Argentinean "painter-actress". She has lived for a long time in three places that are fundamental for her art: Barcelona, San José del Cabo in Mexico, and Paris, where she lives now. All these countries have left their mark on her work - the strangeness of the dimensions, the mixture of strong colors, the choice of themes…


    Self-taught, she draws since childhood, becomes an actress and continues to weave links between the two. Body or brush, the palette of emotions or colors, transposition of reality, she considers that the creative work is exactly the same on the stage of the theater as on the canvas.


    Jacinthe paints mainly women, plants, birds. Portraits and nature. After the exhibition "Aves del Paraíso" at the Café Lomi, the exhibition "Life on the Wild Side" is the second collaboration of Coffeexhibits with this multi-talented artist.

    "Red houses, couches lost in the jungle, plants, animals, family vegetables. Despite the bright and cheerful colors, each drawing breathes discomfort, one next to the norm, a state of change on the verge of imbalance. I wanted to invite nature to devour us. "Jacinthe Cappello

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