Untitled - Susana Mulas Lastra

Untitled - Susana Mulas Lastra


2021. Pastel, charcoal on paper


Ships from The Netherlands


  • Susana Mulas Lastra, Madrid (SP)

    Currently she lives and works in The Netherlands


    "How do we look at our planet? How do we relate to the nature that surrounds us? I feel like we have to relearn how to look at nature to re-establish our relationship with her. Nature life and its vulnerability fascinates and inspires me. Especially the nature that we cannot see at first glance, the tiny organisms hidden from our eyes interest me enormously. Nature belongs to itself and I ask her who she is through my drawings.

    Through drawing, I find an intimate way to connect with the beauty and mystery of nature hidden from our eyes. I am amazed at the complexity and importance to life on Earth of these tiny invisible creatures. I look at them as individual entities. I let them talk to me and I combine them creating new creatures. 

    Using paper as if it were a microscope, I translate my observations and reflections into detailed pastel drawings in vivid colours. Drawing with pastel and charcoal leads me to use my hands intensely. Stroking the paper to add colour, soft or intense caresses. The sound of chalk on paper in the silence of my study, brings me deeply closer to the being of my drawing and the attention it demands.

    Each drawing begins in general with an investigation based on my collection of images that I found in books, internet or specialized scientific magazines. Without sketches and after the inspiration gathered in the images, the intense collaboration between the drawing and me begins. I let the drawing begin its own journey. In this process "I speak" with my drawing, there are exchanges, silences and listening spaces. We do it together, the drawing and me".


    Susana Mulas Lastra, 2021








    2020-2021 * Master Trajectory Drawing Inventions Academy (DIA) led by Arno

              Kramer, Dineke Blom and Caren van Herwaarden

    2020      * Workshop Painting-, Drawmaterials for artists, led by Pieter    

              Keune, Verfmolen ‘De Kat’, Zaandam

    2018     * Masterclass Robbie Cornelissen, School of Arts, Amersfoort

    * Masterclass Roland Sohier, Central Museum, Utrecht

    2013-2018 * Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht, 5-year part-time Visual Arts study 

    1982-1987 * Biologist-Ecologist, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 





    Upcoming Exposities


              * SchoK-Play Room Gallery, Schoorl | September

              * Upscale Gallery, Rotterdam | December (solo)

    2022      * VHDP, Van der Helstplein Exhibitions, Amsterdam (solo)



              * ‘Voices of Earth’, virtual exhibition | Art from Heart, UK 

              * ‘Walking the (in)visible’ | Kunsttraject Amsterdam (solo)     

              * ‘Corona and the Sale’ | Art Society Pictura, Groningen 

              * Window exhibition Galerie De Kapberg, Egmond aan den Hoef

              * '6th small sized works exhibition', online | Aria Gallery,




               * Kaalstaart, Science, technology and new crafts Festival, De War-Amersfoort 

    * Gallery De Kapberg, Egmond aan den Hoef 

    * Be my Guest V, Art Farm, Heerhugowaard 

               * ‘The Drawing Cabinet XS 2.0’ | 8th edition het TEKENKABINET, Amsterdam 

    * ‘Drawings’ | Kunstuitleen Alkmaar 

               * ‘The Drawing Cabinet XS’ | 8th edition het TEKENKABINET, Amsterdam 

               * Virtual Exhibition@PUNCH | PUNCH Exhibition Space

    * ‘An Opening in the Corona Era’ | PLAY ROOM Gallery, Zaandam 



    2019 * 'Salon of New Members 2019' | KCB-Museum Kranenburgh,Bergen NH * ‘Summer Cabinet’ | 7th edition het TEKENKABINET (The Drawing Cabinet), Amsterdam 

    * 'Coral lives' | Science Encounters Art(S.E.A) Art Tour | Museum Kaap Skil, Texel

    * ‘Artist’s books’| KUNSTHAL 45 Gallery, Den Helder

    * ‘Salon des Artistes 2019’ | ATELIERS Baztille, Zoetermeer

    * ‘Artsunami’| PLAY ROOM Gallery, Zaandam

    * ‘Pop up Ijburg’| het TEKENKABINET (The Drawing Cabinet), Amsterdam

    * ‘100% Women’| Global Artist Village Network | Big Church or Sint Laurenskerk, Alkmaar

    * ‘Apparently’| KCB-Museum Kranenburgh, Bergen NH 

    * ‘Winter Cabinet’ | het TEKENKABINET (The Drawing Cabinet), Amsterdam 



    2018 * Graduation Exhibition| Nieuwe Akademie Utrecht| Loods 6,Amsterdam 





    2021  * Ever-emerging Magazine | Spring Sprung Special Edition, online


    2020  * Catalog 8th Tekenkabinet

          * Al-Tiba 9 Contemporary Art Magazine | Issue Four |DZ

          * A Curator Reviews: Susana Mulas Lastra, Exhibition ‘An Art Opening

          in the Corona Era’, Jeroen van Paassen | Galerie PlayRoom, Zaandam                   

          * Video publication by #EL ARTE NOS SALVA LA VIDA COVID19 (#Art saves

          our lives”) | MUSEO LA NEOMUDEJAR, Madrid


    2019  * Catalog Artist’s books-Kunsthal 45 Gallery

    * Murze Magazine | Issue Six-Colour | UK 

          * Catalog 7th Tekenkabinet 

    * Murze Magazine, Issue Four | UK


    2018 * Murze Magazine | ’Art for Advent project 2018’, online publication

    * Mister Motley | ‘Graduation Special 18’, online publication



    * Finalist Visual Art 2019 Call, Florence Contemporary Gallery | September

    * Selected 1st round Delphian Gallery OpenCall 2019, 2020

    Other projects


    2019 * Drafting shortlist of artist’s for ‘Artwork on the dike’ on memory of the dike improvement. Water Control Board Hollands Noorderkwartier in cooperation with Science Encounters Art Foundation (S.E.A), Texel-The Netherlands


    2017 * Co-founder and co-curator of the project Science Encounters

          Art (S.E.A), Texel-The Netherlands




    Member of Artists’association KunstenaarsCentrumBergen (KCB)

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